Emergency Dental Treatments

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Emergency Dental Treatments in Central London

Whether you are a permanent resident in London or just visiting, we know that tooth pain or dental problems can be debilitating. They can affect every aspect of your life and can strike at any time.

Wimpole Street Dental is a leading dental practice in London W1, near Harley Street, offering a comprehensive 24/7 emergency dental service.

Your appointment

At your emergency dental appointment, Dr Richard Marques BDS, or one of our emergency dentist team, will first carry out a dental examination to assess the most appropriate type of treatment.

This might be a temporary, or a full treatment, and may be followed up by subsequent appointments during normal practice hours.

You are also quite welcome to return to your own dentist for the rest of the treatment.

Types of dental emergencies

Dr Richard Marques and our emergency dentists have treated a wide range of dental emergencies, which include:

Don’t delay a dental emergency!

Dental emergencies should be treated as soon as possible to avoid future complications. Acting quickly can save a tooth, stop ongoing tissue in the mouth from bleeding, or alleviate severe pain in the mouth.

Even if you are not in pain, you should act fast and get emergency dental treatment for injuries where the teeth may have been forced out of position (extruded), broken (fractured), or knocked out.

Also, infections in the mouth (also known as abscesses) which can cause swelling may also cause serious complications, so please don’t delay in contacting us for an emergency appointment.

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